Past Programs

Love in Motion A dance work of emotive poetry and musical resonance from the classic love songs of the 1960’s to contemporary and international love songs.

57E A dance work created from the experience of Ginny Ching-Yin while living in China, highlighting cross-cultural conflict with a neighbor in 57E over excessive noise from his karaoke home parties.

Swap A dance work inspired by Ginny’s experiences with Swap parties: gatherings of women who exchange fashion, which has evolved into a meaningful dialogue of women embracing their identities, values, cultural and backgrounds. This piece involved nonprofessional dancers who attended these Swaps.

Bondage A dance work exploring the bondages we face with varied addictions:power, relationships, substance abuse, vanity and our zeal to set ourselves free.

Independent Project

25 Yards A work co-choreographed with Shanti Kumari Johnson, inspired by a length of 25 yards of beautiful fabric. This piece was accompanied by original, live music.